Emotions, the deeper ones and Gestures, the genuine ones!

They say, good times pass so do the bad times. It eventually would get a lot easier. We as humans are so caught up with the extremes; happiness and grief that we forget the fact that it’s all just momentary. 

We are so fascinated by the smiles all around that we forget to see the deeper emotions in life. What actually is interesting is a person lost in thought, or when a person is angry, or the way one looks at their loved one when the latter is absolutely doing nothing, when one half smiles with the deep arched dimple, that inner fight with oneself when trying not to let that tear drop fall, when they are alone, when smoking a cigarette in rain. Beautiful emotions, precisely deeper ones.

Gestures, really really small ones, holding the door for someone you do not know, smiling at them, giving compliments to random people are so to be appreciated. But have we not forgotten to distinguish the genuine ones with the ones people show just to get away with life. Today, the gestures even when done with the purest heart are mistaken. They are categorised under “being over sweet” and “flirty”. Have we forgotten the basics of life? Has being positive become so very rare in our generation?

Take me back to the 90’s dad, take me back, where almost every time someone passes on a compliment, we would end up with red cheeks blushing instead of pondering over what the person actually means! Take me back to the lighter days.


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