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Is he, really, the one?

303332_442850812456428_1849183118_n.jpgAt one point, she has given up on relationships. Maybe not forever, but for a while. She’s been trying to find love for so long, but what she actually found was she wasn’t ready for love and she doesn’t know when she will be ready again. Little did she know that a person is never ready or not ready for love.

It’s not that she’s scared of commitment, she’s just scared of wasting more time being loyal to someone who isn’t worth it. It’s not that she’s afraid of trust, she’s just afraid of investing herself in someone who can’t be honest with her. It’s not that she’s frightened of attachment, she’s just frightened of getting so close to someone that she won’t be able to leave if she needs to. While she’s been hurt by a lot of people, she knows it’s also her fault for not being able to be alone, it’s her fault for catching feelings so easily, and it’s her fault for not properly giving herself time to process everything she’s been thru. She just figured it’s time to give her heart a break. She would rather be single and lonely than to be miserable with someone who’s supposed to make her happy. She would rather wait until something real comes along than to get back with someone who always makes her feel like something’s wrong with her. 

And then he happened! With all the love and care he showered on her, she thought he was the one. But the past as always,303332_442850812456428_1849183118_nhaunted her, made her question her choices once again. Was he really the one?

life · Weekday Rants!

The Friday thought!

In life,sometimes you meet someone. It is so clear that the two of you, belong together, on most of the levels. As mates, as family, as friends, or as something entirely different. You meet these people throughout your life, out of nowhere, under very strange circumstances. They make you feel alive.

I dont know if that makes me believe in coincidence or fate or destiny or sheer luck, but it definitely makes me believe in something. It happened to me, a year ago! I dont know how it is you are so darn familiar to me. As I get to know you better, it is as if I am remembering who you are! Every meet, every smile and every conversation of ours brings me more near to the thought of having you known before, loved you before- in another time, in some other realm of existence!